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Not the best day

Yesterday I went over to G's. We had an awesome Mexican dinner out. Then we watched some movie her co-worker made with Mojo Nixon in it. Called Buttcrack. Bad horror film about some guy with a really bad buttcrack that turned people into zombies. Which was funny cus we had this plumber at work who filled our suite with toxic fumes and he had this massive buttcrack.

Traffic was bad on the way into work.

Had the worse lunch experience ever. Pizza Hut. After we were seated, we had to find our own menus. The waitress didn't know the menu at all. We never got utensils or plates. She screwed up our drink orders when we finally begged her 4 times for refills. We think she mixed our cups up... used cups! Yuck! Took like 2 hours to get our food! She messed up our pizza order. Yes, there is a difference between pineapple and pepperoni... Well, it was horrible. Not tip. I don't think we should have even paid.

Took off early to get some car part from my dealership. Of course they screwed up when they said they had it. I want my damn hood deflector! And mudflaps! Dammit!

Then I tried to go get my haircut. There was like 10 people in line, so forget it... Guess I'll go this weekend or something.

Then I hit the auto shop and got all kinds of wax stuff so I can redo my wax. Only the best for my baby.

Planning on going to Six Flags and the Renaissance Festival this next week or so.

Think I'm going to go watch some Gundam Wing now...
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