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Today... was an ok day.

Well, yesterday I went over to G's... Pretty uneventful.

Played some new import Dreamcast game where you dance on this pad thing. Ok, but I still like my Bust a Move2!

Today... Tech support was out today. Decided to go check up on this girl's stuff. Ugh... I don't know how I can go and fix her mistakes in like a hour and she can't do general maintenance in a week or so! Some computers hadn't been updated in a month! I'm implementing a log book ASAP.

Installed Red Hat server on this old Pentium box we had... Not sure how the hell to use it. Doesn't seem to have a GUI at all. Maybe try Corel if it has a server GUI.

I'm hungry and the cleaner I left in the b'room needs to be cleaned off...
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