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Car rant

Damn... Forgot there was a Subaru thingie on Speedvision tonight...

Well, ordered this hood deflector for my car... Hopefully it'll get here before I put any chips on the hood! I can't believe I've put 1000mi on my car in like 2 weeks! Scary!

I absolutely love it though! Started driving it a little harder, pushing the RPMs... Damn fast car. 3rd gear kinda sucks tho... Slows ya down. Damn fast below and above that. Was really bad and gunned it to 100mph on the DC beltway pre-rush hour yesterday. No hesitation. Probably would go right up to it's top speed no problem before red lining.

I'm excited that Grillcraft is making a grill for the front air dam... Maybe a tad ricey, but I'm sure it'll fit right in with the stock look and keep some of those wonderful bugs that are depositing on my rather unaerodynamic bumper from messing with my radiator. Beautiful black me thinks. An understated elegance. I need to get some rally flaps on it too!

My adjustible rear sway bar should show soon... Oversteer in a AWD vehicle baby! I'll probably order a K&N air filter shortly. I'm very interested in the new cold air intake that Cobb is working on. Once I see what that'll do, I'll look at some power pulleys and a new exhaust maybe. Power!

I'd love to drop a WRX block into my Impreza RS... Just afraid what the labor would cost! *droooool* Well, hell... I'd love a P1!
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