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This last week...

Hey all...

Was off in the mountains of West Virginia for a while!

Incredible trip! Went 5 days in the Otter Creek wilderness area. 25 miles. 4 camp sites. Covered almost every trail. Only one blister to show for it! Climbed mountains and followed a small river/creek.

Bastard let the air out of my tire when I was in the woods! Erf!!! But I had an air pump!

All those mountain roads and I was wishing I had my new car!

Went with a few friends from high school. Left Saturday morning and got back last night. Still damn exhausted.

When we hang out, it's like we never left high school. Not sure that's such a good thing... Can be embarrassing hanging out with them sometimes. They're loud and obnoxious and rude... Just like old times.
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