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My weekend...

Saturday... I went driving around in my car. I LOVE IT!!! It is so much fun to drive. It does seem to get a LOT of attention. Not always good when it's 7 year olds and cops. Definitely radar detector time! A lot of kids pointing, a lot of cops staring me down. I need a portable fence for when I part it. *sigh*

Friend never called to go see The Cell. Ah well.

Sunday. Got to see Godzilla. Really cool movie!!! I loved it!

Still haven't completely mastered my clutch. It's a damn hard clutch. Stalled it a couple (ahem) times on hills and lights. *embarrassing in a really wicked looking car!* I haven't quite gotten the feel of it, but I'm at least not jerking it much. Very hard, very notchy. Least my friends won't be so eager to drive it... Figure a couple weeks and the clutch will be worn in and me competent enough with it.

Hopefully one of my friends will teach me how to autocross it... Fun, fun!

Bird already found my nice waxed hood... But, it's raining now. Maybe that took care of it. Get to drive it to work in traffic tomorrow to show it off. Oh joy.

I start my Japanese classes again tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'm registered or not. I got tired of waiting in line and sorta cheated by dropping it off at the front. Think the guy was cool, but not possitive.

So I got 2 days a week at least at Japanese. I'm commited to once a week at Six Flags. Then taking care of car related stuff and camping coming up... Whew!
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