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Overslept. Oops.

Promised my mom to go kayaking with her. Was a tad late. Was fun. Kicked it around the South River. She got a pretty nice 2 person kayak recently.

Fucking wrist is messed up and my rotator cuffs... Errrr. Going to have to have surgery eventually.

Nice lunch at Bertucci's. Artichoke and mozzarella ball pizza. Yummy!

Spent a couple hours washing and detailing my car. Forgot my chamois... Friggin water spots everywhere. Pain. Did a crappy job cleaning. Dark cars always seem dirty. Wish I'd gotten silver, but then again, I've had so many silver cars.

Think I'll put on my little wrist thingie and kick it with some movies. Bought a stack at Blockbusters the other night. They are selling off a lot of older stuff. Got Zentropa, Chinese Box, and the Limey.
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