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Went apartment hunting in Columbia. Only one friggin place was open to look at. Damn nice tho. Had tennis courts, weight room, biz center, lounge, volley ball, pool, car ports, etc... Bit more than I'm paying now tho. Maybe if I'm getting a raise soon.

Rented Deterrence. INCREDIBLE movie! Think 12 Angry Men. President gets stuck in a diner during a nuclear crisis. Intense movie that I'd recommend to all! Really got to me.

Got a last minute invite to the Yo La Tengo show at the 9:30 Club. Awesome show!

Versus and Yo La Tengo. They played that really long song off of Electra Purra that really builds up and it was so fucking incredible live!

Got on the guest list, which was cool. I certainly blew more than the cover on liquor. Met some friends of my good friend G.

You know... I think G and I may start dating again. Didn't think I'd consider it again, but I really do care about her. I love her, but not sure if I'm really IN love with her. I have a lot of respect for her... yadda yadda... Anyways... We both were a little liquored and things got heated up again. We were both cool in the morn'... so I guess we'll see if it goes anywhere again.

Definately not going to consider getting into any exclusive relationship at this point. I need to date around some more me thinks.
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