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Day cont'd

My friend G dropped by work at 4 and we headed to Six Flags. She was much more pleasant than she's been lately and I really enjoyed myself. It's been a while since we've dated, but I still feel somewhat attracted to her. I would never date her again tho. I have a lot of respect for her most of the time... But we do have our differences. I'm pretty sure she'd never want to date again either. I'm not sure exactly how she feels about me other than I'm the only guy she seems to trust. Not sure how I feel about her relationship with this one creep while we were dating that she didn't mention until now. Ugh... I really want to talk about some things, but not in front of thousands of people.

Don't know... don't know... Think I'd just like to get things out in the open so everyone knows where everyone else stands.

Turns out I was somewhat right about the guy she disappeared with the other weekend when she ditched me. At least she's not interested in him or I'd probably be pissed at her again. I'm sure he had a lot to do with what happened that weekend.

Anyway... she suckered me into doing some murals for her.

I gotta survive work tomorrow and then pick up my new car! Yippee!
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