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Thursday, September 21st, 2000
8:14 pm
Not the best day
Yesterday I went over to G's. We had an awesome Mexican dinner out. Then we watched some movie her co-worker made with Mojo Nixon in it. Called Buttcrack. Bad horror film about some guy with a really bad buttcrack that turned people into zombies. Which was funny cus we had this plumber at work who filled our suite with toxic fumes and he had this massive buttcrack.

Traffic was bad on the way into work.

Had the worse lunch experience ever. Pizza Hut. After we were seated, we had to find our own menus. The waitress didn't know the menu at all. We never got utensils or plates. She screwed up our drink orders when we finally begged her 4 times for refills. We think she mixed our cups up... used cups! Yuck! Took like 2 hours to get our food! She messed up our pizza order. Yes, there is a difference between pineapple and pepperoni... Well, it was horrible. Not tip. I don't think we should have even paid.

Took off early to get some car part from my dealership. Of course they screwed up when they said they had it. I want my damn hood deflector! And mudflaps! Dammit!

Then I tried to go get my haircut. There was like 10 people in line, so forget it... Guess I'll go this weekend or something.

Then I hit the auto shop and got all kinds of wax stuff so I can redo my wax. Only the best for my baby.

Planning on going to Six Flags and the Renaissance Festival this next week or so.

Think I'm going to go watch some Gundam Wing now...

Current Mood: blah
Tuesday, September 19th, 2000
7:59 pm
Today... was an ok day.
Well, yesterday I went over to G's... Pretty uneventful.

Played some new import Dreamcast game where you dance on this pad thing. Ok, but I still like my Bust a Move2!

Today... Tech support was out today. Decided to go check up on this girl's stuff. Ugh... I don't know how I can go and fix her mistakes in like a hour and she can't do general maintenance in a week or so! Some computers hadn't been updated in a month! I'm implementing a log book ASAP.

Installed Red Hat server on this old Pentium box we had... Not sure how the hell to use it. Doesn't seem to have a GUI at all. Maybe try Corel if it has a server GUI.

I'm hungry and the cleaner I left in the b'room needs to be cleaned off...

Current Mood: hungry
Sunday, September 17th, 2000
6:27 pm
Funny thing I forgot
G managed to scam her parents into driving us the club and picking us up... Just like old times! 'Cept we're in our mid 20's now. Sheesh!

Neither of us was particularly interested in leaving our cars parked in that neighborhood.

Current Mood: amused
6:24 pm
Overslept. Oops.

Promised my mom to go kayaking with her. Was a tad late. Was fun. Kicked it around the South River. She got a pretty nice 2 person kayak recently.

Fucking wrist is messed up and my rotator cuffs... Errrr. Going to have to have surgery eventually.

Nice lunch at Bertucci's. Artichoke and mozzarella ball pizza. Yummy!

Spent a couple hours washing and detailing my car. Forgot my chamois... Friggin water spots everywhere. Pain. Did a crappy job cleaning. Dark cars always seem dirty. Wish I'd gotten silver, but then again, I've had so many silver cars.

Think I'll put on my little wrist thingie and kick it with some movies. Bought a stack at Blockbusters the other night. They are selling off a lot of older stuff. Got Zentropa, Chinese Box, and the Limey.

Current Mood: sore
6:11 pm
Went apartment hunting in Columbia. Only one friggin place was open to look at. Damn nice tho. Had tennis courts, weight room, biz center, lounge, volley ball, pool, car ports, etc... Bit more than I'm paying now tho. Maybe if I'm getting a raise soon.

Rented Deterrence. INCREDIBLE movie! Think 12 Angry Men. President gets stuck in a diner during a nuclear crisis. Intense movie that I'd recommend to all! Really got to me.

Got a last minute invite to the Yo La Tengo show at the 9:30 Club. Awesome show!

Versus and Yo La Tengo. They played that really long song off of Electra Purra that really builds up and it was so fucking incredible live!

Got on the guest list, which was cool. I certainly blew more than the cover on liquor. Met some friends of my good friend G.

You know... I think G and I may start dating again. Didn't think I'd consider it again, but I really do care about her. I love her, but not sure if I'm really IN love with her. I have a lot of respect for her... yadda yadda... Anyways... We both were a little liquored and things got heated up again. We were both cool in the morn'... so I guess we'll see if it goes anywhere again.

Definately not going to consider getting into any exclusive relationship at this point. I need to date around some more me thinks.

Current Mood: content
Friday, September 15th, 2000
11:07 pm
Car rant
Damn... Forgot there was a Subaru thingie on Speedvision tonight...

Well, ordered this hood deflector for my car... Hopefully it'll get here before I put any chips on the hood! I can't believe I've put 1000mi on my car in like 2 weeks! Scary!

I absolutely love it though! Started driving it a little harder, pushing the RPMs... Damn fast car. 3rd gear kinda sucks tho... Slows ya down. Damn fast below and above that. Was really bad and gunned it to 100mph on the DC beltway pre-rush hour yesterday. No hesitation. Probably would go right up to it's top speed no problem before red lining.

I'm excited that Grillcraft is making a grill for the front air dam... Maybe a tad ricey, but I'm sure it'll fit right in with the stock look and keep some of those wonderful bugs that are depositing on my rather unaerodynamic bumper from messing with my radiator. Beautiful black me thinks. An understated elegance. I need to get some rally flaps on it too!

My adjustible rear sway bar should show soon... Oversteer in a AWD vehicle baby! I'll probably order a K&N air filter shortly. I'm very interested in the new cold air intake that Cobb is working on. Once I see what that'll do, I'll look at some power pulleys and a new exhaust maybe. Power!

I'd love to drop a WRX block into my Impreza RS... Just afraid what the labor would cost! *droooool* Well, hell... I'd love a P1!

Current Mood: cheerful
10:54 pm
Think I'm going to move to Columbia sometime soon.

Really like it there... Maybe I'll meet some more interesting people. Too rednecky where I live now.

Current Mood: optimistic
10:53 pm
I've been bad...
I haven't really been keeping on top of this thing much. I've been busier than usual.

Been spending a lot of time with an old friend... She's got me worried. Obsessing a lot with death. I love her dearly as a friend and I'm not sure what's up... Don't know what I'd do without her.

Got news that one of my old college professors came down with leukemia all of a sudden. He's in one of those bubble things somewhere. The day after I heard about that I got a letter from him to do a staff review. Creepy.

Death and blood are things that really bother me. I really don't like to think about such things. I don't like to think of those I've lost over the years. It's certainly not my own death that I fear. I never have given too much thought to my own death. I'd like my ashes to be scatter in the mountains perhaps, but that's all I've really thought about. I hope I get to see much of the world before my time comes.

I find I just kinda go with the flow... Not giving much thought to little things. Well, I do give thoughts to things, but they tend to be thoughts of my actions relating to my immediate and mid-term goals. I've largely given up on long term goals as they change constantly. If I think I have a good thing I go with it. That's about it. I don't like to dwell too much on my own past... Not that it was bad, but it's the past and not much I can do about it.

I'm just in some weird mood tonight... I'm feeling unusually lonely. I definately need to get me a new gal.

Current Mood: contemplative
10:41 pm
At latraviata's request I replaced my psycho looking picture.

Personally, I found that picture kinda amusing.... Ah well.

Current Mood: awake
Thursday, September 7th, 2000
9:44 pm
9:42 pm
Stupid laundry room door is jammed and I gots a load o' smelly camping clothes to do!

Current Mood: aggravated
9:40 pm
Wore my Survivor shirt! Thanks S! Don't vote me off!

Got a lot done at work today... Got thru almost all the revisions and corrections that built up over the last few days. Put together a new test box to test some new database software.

Picked up my car... Leather is SWEET!!! Very high quality, perferated black with red side stitching... Yessir! Way impressed with how it came out looking. Now I have to spend my weekend cleaning my car and treating the interior. Weeee... And getting the camping smell out of my old car.

Picked up some more stuff at CompUSA... Damn kid stole the inserts from this CD carrier I bought... ERRRR. Took half hour or more to exchange. Got 50 CD-Rs for $9.99! Making some new car CDs tonight...

Current Mood: sleepy
9:33 pm
This last week...
Hey all...

Was off in the mountains of West Virginia for a while!

Incredible trip! Went 5 days in the Otter Creek wilderness area. 25 miles. 4 camp sites. Covered almost every trail. Only one blister to show for it! Climbed mountains and followed a small river/creek.

Bastard let the air out of my tire when I was in the woods! Erf!!! But I had an air pump!

All those mountain roads and I was wishing I had my new car!

Went with a few friends from high school. Left Saturday morning and got back last night. Still damn exhausted.

When we hang out, it's like we never left high school. Not sure that's such a good thing... Can be embarrassing hanging out with them sometimes. They're loud and obnoxious and rude... Just like old times.

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, August 31st, 2000
6:45 pm
Last few days

Spent the last couple nights over a friend's house. Hung out. Watched Serial Experient Lain (awesome!) and The Cell. Cell was pretty cool! Incredible art direction! Wonder if it was the same guy who worked on Dracula? hmmm...

Already put 400 miles on my new car! Ouch! And stop and go REEEEALLY sucks when you're driving a clutch (and not very good at it).

Leather goes in over the weekend!

Going camping for 5 days starting Saturday. Still have to do most of the prep work. West Virginia... Take me home... To... whatever...

Current Mood: tired
Sunday, August 27th, 2000
10:29 pm
My weekend...

Saturday... I went driving around in my car. I LOVE IT!!! It is so much fun to drive. It does seem to get a LOT of attention. Not always good when it's 7 year olds and cops. Definitely radar detector time! A lot of kids pointing, a lot of cops staring me down. I need a portable fence for when I part it. *sigh*

Friend never called to go see The Cell. Ah well.

Sunday. Got to see Godzilla. Really cool movie!!! I loved it!

Still haven't completely mastered my clutch. It's a damn hard clutch. Stalled it a couple (ahem) times on hills and lights. *embarrassing in a really wicked looking car!* I haven't quite gotten the feel of it, but I'm at least not jerking it much. Very hard, very notchy. Least my friends won't be so eager to drive it... Figure a couple weeks and the clutch will be worn in and me competent enough with it.

Hopefully one of my friends will teach me how to autocross it... Fun, fun!

Bird already found my nice waxed hood... But, it's raining now. Maybe that took care of it. Get to drive it to work in traffic tomorrow to show it off. Oh joy.

I start my Japanese classes again tomorrow. I'm not sure if I'm registered or not. I got tired of waiting in line and sorta cheated by dropping it off at the front. Think the guy was cool, but not possitive.

So I got 2 days a week at least at Japanese. I'm commited to once a week at Six Flags. Then taking care of car related stuff and camping coming up... Whew!

Current Mood: cheerful
Saturday, August 26th, 2000
12:05 am
Today, today, today!
Work... boring.

After work...

Picked up my new car!!! 2001 Impreza RS! Beautiful car!!! Yeah!!!

Hopefully I'll post pics soon... Took some today before I added the extra parts I bought. Just have to upload.

Tomorrow I'll have to get the hang of the clutch. It's a pretty hard one... yikes!

And I may have the stupid dealer sticker removed by them. Wish they had asked first!
Thursday, August 24th, 2000
10:44 pm
Damn... I need a new girlfriend!
Well, yeah...

Current Mood: flirty
10:43 pm
Day cont'd
My friend G dropped by work at 4 and we headed to Six Flags. She was much more pleasant than she's been lately and I really enjoyed myself. It's been a while since we've dated, but I still feel somewhat attracted to her. I would never date her again tho. I have a lot of respect for her most of the time... But we do have our differences. I'm pretty sure she'd never want to date again either. I'm not sure exactly how she feels about me other than I'm the only guy she seems to trust. Not sure how I feel about her relationship with this one creep while we were dating that she didn't mention until now. Ugh... I really want to talk about some things, but not in front of thousands of people.

Don't know... don't know... Think I'd just like to get things out in the open so everyone knows where everyone else stands.

Turns out I was somewhat right about the guy she disappeared with the other weekend when she ditched me. At least she's not interested in him or I'd probably be pissed at her again. I'm sure he had a lot to do with what happened that weekend.

Anyway... she suckered me into doing some murals for her.

I gotta survive work tomorrow and then pick up my new car! Yippee!

Current Mood: pensive
10:39 pm
Day in brief
Well... Went into work early.

Busy as usual. I'm rather concerned about meeting project deadlines. Sometimes I feel like I'm carrying the brunt of the project on my shoulders. I don't think many of my subordinants realize they are supposed to be working and not socializing for 8 hours. It's gotten too relaxed I think.

Dropped some heavy hints that hour and a half lunches were not acceptable on a daily basis... I take a half hour lunch and what do they do? Arrrgh. I really don't want to be heavy handed. I'd hope people would be mature enough to realize that there are serious consequences when deadlines aren't met... Well, I think some employees will be getting a lecture next week.

I'm so tired.

Current Mood: exhausted
Wednesday, August 23rd, 2000
7:35 pm
Day in briefs
Weird surreal day... kinda sorta.

Well, actually dressed up today. We had some high ranking foreign dignitary drop by work today. Day flew by.

Long late lunch at Don Pueblo's. Yummy fajiata enchilatas! mmmm...

Big news... I finally got a look at my new car! SWEET! 2001 Impreza RS! Sweet looking car! Everyone on the dealer lot wanted it... but it's mine I tell you! Only took a couple months for it to arrive after ordering it... Get it Friday! But it has to go back in a week to get the leather interior put in.

Well, few more things before Survivor is on... Whooo hooo!

Short and sweet...

Current Mood: excited
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